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Treat Yourself To Luxury

Our professional massage therapists are masters at releasing the stress that can build up in muscles around the body. You will feel decreased tension in your muscles as the skilled hands of our therapists alleviate your body of pain and improve blood flow.
Renaissance Massage
$80Per Hour
Swedish Massage + Aromatherapy Massage + an optional few minutes of Deep Tissue Massage.

1 Hour: $80       90 Minute: $110

Swedish Massage
$65Per Hour
This traditional Western World massage applies light to medium pressure. Rhythmic flowing compression of the muscles induce relaxation resulting in increased circulation and mobility.

1 Hour: $65     30 Minute: $45    90 Minute: $90

Hot Stone Therapy
$75Per Hour
This deep, warm, nurturing massage is performed with smooth stones. Warmed stones will be placed between your toes, along your spine and on the Chakra centers of the body.

 1 Hour: $75   90 Minute: $100

Deep Tissue Massage
$75Per Hour
This massage is designed for individuals requiring a more detailed intensified treatment working on specific muscle groups combined with Swedish Massage.


1 Hour: $75   30 Minute: $50    90 Minute: $95

Aromatherapy Massage
$75Per Hour
Essential plant oils, carefully selected for the purposes of calming, revitalizing or balancing are applied using Swedish massage techniques.

1 Hour: $75  90 Minute: $95

Pregnancy Massage (13+ Weeks)
$70Per Hour
A specialty therapist performs a relaxing massage designed to relieve emotional and physical stress.


$4030 Minutes
This natural healing technique relieves stress, promotes relaxation, increases circulation and balance through stimulation of foot pressure points.

Couples Custom Massage
Looking for time and space to enjoy each other’s company? Our couples massage room is the perfect retreat for couples of all ages. Relax while you receive a full body custom massage. Delight in the benefits of refreshing wellness, together.

 1 HOUR: $170   90 MINUTE: $220


Jacuzzi and Infrared Sauna available!